NCCI - NCR Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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  • The Chamber serves as an interface between industry and the Government
  • The Chamber provides expert ad vice on different legal subject matters
  • The Chamber acts as an arbitrator in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions
  • The Chamber updates information on National / State policies, Government Legislations and Technical developments
  • The Chamber provides unique platform for networking among members
  • It imparts knowledge through Seminars, Workshops, Round Table Meetings, Conferences and Training Programmes
  • The Chamber promotes International trade by arranging meetings with foreign business delegations and organising Trade Fairs / Exhibitions
  • The Chamber generates awareness among mem bers and gathers public opinion regarding specific aspects for overall Industrial development
  • The Chamber analyzes various legislations and suggests the policy makers, amendments if any
  • The Chamber helps maintain healthy Industrial relation in the NCR region
  • The Chamber provides specialized business support services to its members including long and short term ‘In-House Training Programmes’ on various topics and compliance s under various laws
  • The Chamber is actively involved in fostering professionalism and competitiveness among industry
  • The Chamber provides policy in puts to the Government
  • The Chamber is involved in developing market access for Indian exporters
  • The Chamber is involved in promoting global connectivity for Indian industry to enhance trade and attracting investments into India
  • The Chamber is aggressively involved in promoting “Brand India”
  • The Chamber facilitates members in organising their Corporate Events, Board meetings and Training programmes etc.

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Conferences, Seminars, Interactive Meetings and Training Workshops…

The NCR Chamber of Commerce and Industry is known for its organizing capability in conducting maximum Conferences, Seminars, Interactive Meetings and Training Workshops for the benefit of Industry and Trade. Most of these programs are addressed by eminent speakers from different walks of life and are highly appreciated in the Industry.

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Discharging Social Responsibilities…

  • The Chamber assists members in meeting their social development aspirations. Corporate Social Responsibility is now evolving into a central area of concern for companies who wish to give back to society and share their rewards. It is a proven fact that companies with greater social engagement deliver higher value to their stakeholders
  • Imparting training and guidance to rural and urban youths with a view to enabling them for employment in the industries of Members of the Chamber
  • Arranging self-employment training programmes and Job fairs etc.
  • Arranging facilities - Books, Guides, Data and Information to conduct courses and to hold examinations in professional as well as vocational disciplines
  • NCCI associates with Government, NGOs and Civil Society to help Industry develop effective programs for social development. NCCI set up programs for members, help in finding credible destinations for their donations or provide advice and consultancy in social development
  • The NCCI organizes several Blood Donation, Medical Camps in coordination with several NGOs

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Key Initiatives…

In the global scenario, where market accessibility is no longer a hurdle, the tough part is capturing market shares and retaining them. Only those, who have adopted global quality standards leveraging their intellectual capital have managed this feat. NCCI has embarked on smarter initiatives that enhance competitiveness of Indian Industry by underlining the need for rapid upgradation on parameters like Quality, Corporate Governance, Knowledge Management, Energy Efficiency and Environment Management. Specialized Services Division of the NCR Chamber aims to provide solutions to organizations not just for their competitive needs but also to help them become more self reliant by helping them develop flexible strategies that cater to changing needs. The Corporate Services Committees of NCCI assists companies to maximize corporate and shareholder value through a range of activities covering: Consulting, Research Projects, Knowledge Based Events and Research Papers etc. The NCCI undertakes such Projects.

NCCI has always been instrumental in bringing together policy makers and thought leaders on common platforms to pool in their resources for the good of all. In the last few years, NCCI has also stepped up its engagement on a wide range of issues that it identifies as being of National concern and priority. The Mission on Manufacturing Innovation was begun to inculcate Innovation as a way to life in Indian business. Global competitiveness is being promoted by adopting best international practices and innovation.

The mission on 'Knowledge and Skills' looks to "Promote a Sustainable Framework that would assist Industry across sectors in developing Knowledge and Skills abilities in its Workforce to International standards".

Services are provided through NCCI's Centre of Excellence which specialize in Quality, Energy Management, Logistics and Small Business Competitiveness etc. NCCI deals with technology upgradation and innovation, Intellectual Property Rights, WTO related issues, skill development and a host of other areas that connect with concerns of large and small businesses.

Consultative and advisory services as well as training programs are available from a dedicated and professional staff with high qualifications and experience. NCCI's range of competitiveness-linked services provide 360 degree support system for members.

NCCI partners with State Governments in the modernization and upgradation of Industrial Training Institutes, matching skills to Industry needs. The Skill Development Initiative has also undertaken the task of making India a Skills Capital for the world and organizes short modules of training in various professions for rural populations across NCR.

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NCCI's Expert Committees…

Steering Committee
Committee for Health Care and Community Development
Committee for Higher Education
Committee for Environment and Pollution Control
Committee for Manufacturing Practices
Committee for Tourism & Entertainment
Committee for Banking and Financial Services
Committee for Industrial Relations and Corporate Affairs
Committee for Energy and Energy Conservation
Committee for Infrastructure, Housing and Land use
Committee for Fiscal Laws (Direct & Indirect Taxes)

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